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Welcome :)

I am happy to see you here! I work with big hearted creatives just like you that are passionate about their work. I am sure you value freedom and like enjoying life through experiences and meeting friends. You are curious about the world and you like being active. All you are looking for is to live a happy life where work fuels you with energy. A job that allows you to make decisions to take on the projects that are fun and profitable. Right? Reality is, that expectations from society and even our loved ones can be confusing guides. Following advice that is not good for you makes you feel tired, stuck and frustrated. But I know that you have unique talents that the world needs. And I know it feels so good when you get to live those every day. Before I tell you how we can work together, simply check if you can you find yourself saying yes to these questions.


are you the right fit? 

Do you feel drowned in the jobs that just pay your bills?

Are you looking for more fulfilment in your career?

Would you like direction and a clear plan of what to aim for?

Would you like to know your purpose and work from your strengths?

Are you craving more energy to invest in to your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being? 

Would you like more money to experience all that life has to offer? 

Would you like to have more time for yourself and your relationships?

If you said yes to most of these questions then you are in the right place and I can help you out :) 


Look into the mirror

Here comes the truth. Once I was in your shoes and just hoping or wishing didn't create the change I was are looking for. My surroundings did not magically transform and just waiting for life to offer me the golden nugget was a waste of time. I believe YOU are the only person that can create the change you are wishing for and if you don’t take the chance to invest in yourself now, you are the one responsible when in a year from now, things look the same. 

Dear, I know this might sound scary but I am telling you this because I believe it does not have to be this way. You are meant to thrive and deserve to have a life you love. Years ago, I decided to make radical shifts in my life and I have walked the path to create a business and a life I love. I can help you do the same. Yes you could try to do this alone, but it might take you years. And together is always more fun, don’t you think? 

What I want from you is to take on the challenge. Live your best life and share it with everyone you can. Experience the power, energy and magic that is created by your conscious commitment. Take action now and share all the wonderful treasures that lie within you. I promise you will not turn back. In fact, you’ll wonder what took you so long in the first place.


Imagine this

Waking up every morning knowing that you get to decide how the dices roll. You feel free to be yourself and set your own schedule. You know exactly how to set your priorities and take care of your needs. You can walk around confident as your happy self knowing that you are enough. How amazing would that feel? 

With someone by your side to guide you through the process it becomes easier to make the necessary changes that give you the life you desire. Join the ranks of thousands of successful people who have invested in themselves through coaching. As your personal coach I will help you design your best life and see past the clutter and confusion that may be holding you back. You will receive:


(Bi)-weekly coaching.

Proven strategies and tools that get you results.

Customised exercises that deepen your learnings.

Consistent support and honest feedback. 

Rigorous accountability to be your best.



Program 1

create your vision

Do you wish for clarity and direction in your career? Then you want to start here. In this process we discover what your core values and strengths are and how you can make use of them in your everyday life. You are blessed with a unique gift and purpose which we will identify and unwrap and make sure you use as your superpowers. On the way we will shine light to your main blockages of success and capture your limiting beliefs. After this groundwork we will dive fully dive into creating a vision for you that inspires you to move into the future with confidence. 

Time: 6 weeks- 6 sessions
Every week for 60 min
Prepayment: 5999 DKK (595 DKK Discount)
or monthly 1099 DKK for 6 months.


Program 2

Follow your vision

Do you want to live your purpose and get results? Then let's build your strategy. In this program we will not only discover what gets you moving (values, strengths and purpose) and what's holding you back (limiting beliefs, old patterns) but most importantly create a plan and brake down your vision into small digestible bite sizes you can accomplish. I will help you write a new story of your life you are proud of telling. Through my consistent support, honest feedback and rigorous accountability you will learn to be nothing less than your best.


Time: 6 months- 12 sessions
Every 2 weeks for 60 min
Prepayment: 1 x 11999 DKK
(1189 DKK Discount)
or monthly 1099 DKK for 12 months.


Don’t miss out on the chance to live your best life. Did you get curious or do you have more questions? Then let's talk and book your FREE 30-minute *Discover Your Potential Session*. I can't wait to get to know you in person or over the phone and move you into a direction that makes you feel alive. Just click the button at the end of this page and you get access to my calendar. 

I'm ready when you are :)


"Anastasia's sensible coaching sessions give structure to my scattered ideas, projects and goals so I can follow them through and she holds me accountable for it. I also like how I am taking part in designing the sessions, so it becomes customised life school.

/ Aleksandra- creative art Director  /