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"Anastasia has an almost magical way of supporting you when breaking your barriers, and unleashing your confidence. She has the invaluable ability of making the uncomfortable comfortable. Her positive spirit and eternal source of methods and tools makes every session extremely fruitful. Anastasia is born a coach, and just being in the same room as her is strengthening – she is a positivity bomb!

/  Caroline-service Designer-berlin  /


"Anastasia's sensible coaching sessions  gives structure to my scattered ideas, projects and goals so I can follow them through and she holds me accountable for it. I also like how I am taking part in designing the sessions, so it becomes costumized life school.

/  aleksandra-creative art director-copenhagen  /


"I was frustrated about my work situation, feeling stuck, not sure what road to go down next. Anastasia helped me dive deep into myself and instead focus on clarifying what are my core values, strengths, passions and dreams in life at this moment. Her ability to make you open up and feel comfortable is amazing.

/  zara-head chef & nutritionist-copenhagen  /